Meet Cortnay Varela, LMT


Courtnay graduated from The Massage School and received her massage therapy license in March of 2021. She loves bodywork for the chance it gives us all to help heal ourselves, and connect with our bodies. Courtnay’s unique vision sees us as an integral part of the healing of our communities and the land. She loves to help folks through massage and bodywork, and connect with plant friends along the way!

Courtnay became interested in massage from an early age, through a connection with her grandmother. “Evenings from the time I was little I got to sit by my Grandma Ann’s knee and hear some of her stories as I rubbed salve on the cricks in her hands – the same hands that taught me to grow snap peas and cantaloupe, and to respect the dandelion and chicory, too, as food, medicine and flower in her sprawling garden.” Studying Massage helped her integrate her Reiki II and Herbal Medicine Practice with a study of the fascial network, connecting each and every cell in our bodies and communicating through bio-photons, sound vibrations and touch, with the world around us.