Meet Dat L, LMT


Dat graduated from The Massage School in Boston. He has been practicing acupressure since 2018. Before becoming a massage therapist Dat worked in customer service and as a nail technician.

Dat’s journey began when he was 17 years old. During meditation, he experienced an overflow of blissful, yet strange energy that vibrated every cell in his body. It has deepened his awareness. From that moment, Dat knew that we are not simply flesh and bone.

Dat is proud to be a Massage Therapist because it is a door for him to share what he has learned, to help people heal ,and be their best self. He loves to study Mind-body interaction. During his 4 years in college, despite a busy schedule studying double majors, he spent time learning Acupressure, Meditation and Tai Chi. The mind-body cultivation practices greatly influence his massage style. His technique ranges from direct deep tissue and acupressure work, to the relaxation of Swedish massage. He also practices subtle energy work like reflexology. I hope we can walk the journey from skin to soul together, and make healing happen from inside out.

In his free time you can find Dat exploring nature, taking a long walk, having a philosophical discussion with his friends, watching Disney movies, or shopping for cute decorations.