Meet Jacqueline C.


I graduated from The Salter School in 2014. I believe that the healing touch of massage helps reconnect the body with the heart, mind and soul. In my bodywork, I utilize an integrative, intuitive and therapeutic approach to support this essential mind-body balance. I customize my services to fit your individual needs while focusing holistically on the muscles, bones, nervous system, lymphatic system as much as I do energy. Massages are highly effective for reducing the effects of stress on the body, soothing the mind, and can help you overcome emotional, physical, and mental unease.

Being the oldest of 3, she would often take the role of caring for her brothers. Her brothers were athletes who had their share of injuries requiring plenty of pain relieving ointment which taught me the difference massage could make with the healing process. This is where her love for massage grew.

Knowing that she can help each guest through the healing process is one of the most rewarding parts of being a therapist. Jacqueline provides an individual experience for each guest to help fit the specific needs and not just a one size fits all treatment.

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