Meet Myrca Augustin


I always have been passionate about massage since my grandmother was a massage therapist and holistic doctor. My grandmother would travel to people and help out with me by her side. This was the birth of my passion for massage. I would practice with my grandmother, as began looking at careers in the health field. I tried many jobs in the health field but just did not find the joy like I did with massage that “I can’t wait to start the day and don’t want it to stop” joy. I had reached a point in life where I wanted that joy I have always seen in my grandmother doing what she loved. So I changed my life to incorporate my passion of massage.

My journey started with Cortiva Institute where I receive my massage education and graduated in 2016. I provide swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, medical massage, pregnant massage, stretching, cupping and position releases, in future will be doing thai and myofasical. I have never been happier and full of joy being a massage therapist is my passion. I love learning and will continue to grow, strive and develop my craft in massage.

I look forward to seeing you soon.