Meet Patrick L​, LMT



Patrick graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester in 2021. Before becoming a massage therapist he worked for the Government of Canada for 25 years as a Webmaster and an IT Service Desk Technician. Patrick specializes in Therapeutic massage for headache and pain relief and management.

Patrick grew up in a small town in Quebec Canada. At a young age he started suffering from long lasting headaches. The local physician didn’t take it seriously, and the over the counter medications didn’t work. In town, there was a local holistic healer who was known to be able to help relieve people’s pain. She figured out that he had a lot of tension in his neck. Even though she was not a massage therapist, she was able to provide pain relief through bodywork techniques. Once his headaches were better he started feeling the pain in his lower back and legs. This was attributed to growing pains by any doctor he saw. He went to see the healer again and she was able to release the tension and pain he had there.

Once he was older, he moved to a more populated area of Quebec. Here he sought out other types of treatments to help with his chronic pain. He tired everything from physical therapy to acupuncture without feeling any relief. Then for his birthday, someone gave him a half day in a spa, where he was helped by a licensed massage therapist. It was the first time he felt relief from his pain since leaving his hometown. As his pain was related to his position working in front of a computer for long hours, he booked recurring appointments with this therapist.

Upon moving to the USA he saw an opportunity to work outside of IT. He tried working at a cafe, but that inflamed his sciatic pain. With the pandemic, the cafe closed and he had to figure out what he wanted to do. Remembering all the relief massage had given him, he decided he wanted to pass that along to others and enrolled at Bancroft to begin his journey.

Outside of work you can find him making poutine and watching Rocky movies. He enjoys skydiving, and for his 22nd birthday he biked 50 miles(total) to do his first jump.