Meet Sean Boutin


My purpose is to Heal. My whole life I have learned to help others. My audience is the whole world one soul at a time. Anyone who is in pain or suffering I welcome to relax and heal through a blend of bodywork. Healing to me encompasses the senses. To me there are 3 ways to tap into the soul. Musically, physically, and from our roots (in nature)

Through the Boy Scouts I did so physically and emotionally volunteering; ranging from building and maintaining hiking trails, recycling, and organizing concerts to perform for local nursing homes. I continue to play and perform music today. The Boy Scouts also gave me a close relationship with nature. I believe escaping to nature is crucial to heal both physically and emotionally.

I received the Rank of Eagle Scout in 2002. Performed at the Lincoln Center in NYC. Graduated from Contiva institute formerly MTI. I continue to study massage and am well versed in Gradual deep tissue work. I am an Intuitive healer who blends energy healing with MFR, DT and sports modalities to get down to the source.

People shouldn’t merely listen to me. But feel the work, release what needs to leave and listen to their truth to move forward.

I’m proud of my clients who have learned to listen to their bodies. Helping themselves is the first step to healing the world. We are all on the same path just finding our way up the mountain. I am serious, yet silly. I am passionate to heal but really try to feel the vibe with each moment and understand when some good laughter is best too.

Peach for Myofascial Release